Cape York Peninsula Fishing

Welcome to Cape York! This is a great part of the world for fishing, crabbing, croc spotting, camping, exploring, Four Wheel driving, relaxing, bird watching, hunting or whatever your choice of remote activities may be. Just ask me and I can help you get the most out of your time in Cape York.

Cape York Peninsula Fishing is hosted by the owner/operator Jay Arnold.

Area of Fishing

Cape York Peninsula Map

Cape York Peninsula Fishing offers a variety of feature fishing. Open blue waters, vast river systems, coral reefs, rocky headlands, sand flats, swamps and billabongs hold a wide number of fish species.

Depending on the length of your fishing adventure, charters consist of fishing areas from Virlya Point (West Coast of Cape York) to Cairns Cross Islands (East Coast of Cape York). This includes all angles of fishing.

Fish Species

Fish regularly caught are: Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Finger Mark, GT, Jew Fish, Mackerel, Queen Fish, Coral Trout, Cod, Bream, Spangled Emperor, Red Emperor, Cobia, Queensland Groper, Grunter, Parrot Fish, Nannygai, Tuna, Sharks and many other species.

Wild Life and Aquatic animals

During hunting your targeted fish species, various wild life and aquatic animals can be sighted. Migrating birds, Dingoes, Crocs, Wallabies, Dugongs, Turtles and assorted Rays are few of the regulars.

Some Recent Onboard Action

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