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Cape York Peninsula Fishing

Cape York Peninsula Fishing is based in Seisia, Cape York QLD Australia. My name is Jay Arnold and I am the owner/operator of this charter business. I have been very fortunate to start fishing at a very young age, and have consistently done so since.

In this time I have owned vessels from 14ft to 30ft. This has allowed me to fish and explore a lot of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland coastline and estuaries, from Hinchinbrook to Cape York Peninsula and down to the Skardon River on the west coast of Cape York.

In the year 2000 I visited Cape York and instantly I was hooked. I then returned in 2001 and progressed into fishing charters. Cape York has so much to offer. With the rainforest and bush neighbouring the ocean, much exploring has occurred in my time up here.

Without the support of my partner and son finding new ground and explorations would be limited.

So come and experience what Cape York has to offer!

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(07) 4069 3919
0417 617 458
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